A Visit from Rocky

Jake brought Rocky down to see me last weekend! They could only stay one night and it was barely 24 hours but it really helped put a little pep in my step! Jake brought me a box of chocolates, pink & white roses, and a stuffed teddy bear for Valentine’s Day. I finally got to give him his present too. I drew a portrait for him 🙂

Oh look.. here it is..



It was so nice to get cuddles from Rocky too. She’s sweeter than Gemma, but I’m curious to see if that changes as she gets older. I think Gemma used to be sweet too once..

Anyway, I feel a little bit better. Jake and I had a long talk about being long distance and how hard it is but we will get through it and it will make us stronger!

I would also like to mention that I went back to the gym today. Just saying.



Today’s post isn’t funny and I’m sorry. I’m really just so bummed. I miss Jake and I feel so ready to move to Maryland and spread my wings. I feel smothered here and I need some distance from my family. I need to be able to see my love every night instead of just whenever we can make time. I need to have Gemma and Rocky together so they can learn to get along. I still believe they will be best friends. School is the only reason that I am still here. School is all I need to finish before I can leave.

I like school. I just wish it would move a little faster.

Now I will continue to pout in my room for the rest of the night.

Tomorrow I will push forward.


Extra Blurb #1

I have so many ideas for this blog site so just ignore the constant changes that are sure to follow. I want lots of photos but I need good quality ones..which require more effort from me lol. I want all my own photos too. Nothing will be plagerised on my watch! 


I’ve always loved blog sites. Something about typing your journal online and having it look pretty and organized always appealed to me. I never keep up with them though and they almost always get deleted. Maybe because I’ve never had a good theme. I’ve never had something interesting to write about. This semester in school, we are required to make this WordPress site with a topic of our choosing and I can’t think of any better subject than the antics I put up with everyday at home. The constant barking and meowing, scratching of furniture, pee puddles on the floor… it’s all very comical really. I can’t wait to write about it, even if nobody reads it.

Maybe I’ll attract other cat ladies.. cat ladies have blogs right??